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Read about the accessibility features available in Aquaris X Pro

Friday, 20 October, 2017

By Amóvil

Aquaris X pro in black

The Aquaris X Pro is a smartphone manufactured by the Spanish developer BQ that sports a very elegant design and offers great autonomy. It also has interesting state of the arts features that make it intuitive and user-friendly. This device is accessible for people with vision disabilities, profound deafness and poor dexterity skills.

Deaf-blind people can finally enjoy TV on their own

Thursday, 25 May, 2017

Source: Telefónica

A person using a Braille display

Deaf-blind people can finally get access to and enjoy television content in real time and without the help of another person thanks to PervasiveSUB, a pioneering software financed by Telefónica and developed by a team of researchers from Universidad Carlos III in collaboration with FASOCIDE (Federation of Deafblind Associations).

Alcatel 2008G, a simple and intuitive feature phone

Monday, 13 March, 2017

By Amóvil

The Alcatel 2008G in silver and black

The Alcatel 2008G is a simple and user-friendly feature phone designed for people with little technological abilities or that do not desire to deal with smartphones. This device is suitable for people with low vision, hearing disabilities and limited comprehension skills. We have been able to review this handset thanks to a loan by TCL Spain.

Accessibility in Huawei Mate 9

Tuesday, 20 December, 2016

By Amóvil

The Huawei Mate 9 in golden

The Mate 9, Huawei’s newest flagship smartphone, stands out for its long battery life, innovative design and large size. This device is suitable for Deaf users or people with vision impairments. We were able to review it thanks to the collaboration of Movistar España.

Accessibility in LG K8

Tuesday, 22 November, 2016

By Amóvil

The LG K8 in gray

The LG K8 is a mid-range and user-friendly smartphone that comes with several interesting features. This device is also accessible to people with profound deafness or with moderate fine motor disabilities. However, we cannot recommend it to people with vision impairments, hard of hearing, have severe fine motor disabilities or with limited comprehension skills. In Amovil we were able to review this device thanks to a loan by LG Spain.


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