Amóvil aims to make all of its content fully accessible to everyone regardless of disability, age or level of technological knowledge. To achieve that goal the site has been designed in compliance with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

Logotipo de acreditación del cumplimiento de las pautas nivel AA del w3c

The following features have been implemented in order to ensure full access to Amóvil’s content:

  • Visual features like font, text and background colour are defined in a separate style sheet allowing users to set their own visual preferences;
  • Text size is set in relative units of measurement so users can customize them using browser settings;
  • Users will be able read the entire content even if their browser does not support style sheets;
  • Pages have been organized in a clear hierarchal structure for sighted readers, screen reader users and users who turn off style sheets. All headers, lists and remaining page elements have been define using HTML markup language;
  • The HTML markup and CSS have been validated to formal grammar to ensure correct rendering of content across all browsers.


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If you are unable to access any content on this website, please contact or use the contact form.