Sponsors and Collaborators

Collaborate with Amóvil

Amóvil has among its central objectives to create a network of collaborators in order to keep its knowledge base up to date to be able to provide current and accurate information on accessible mobile devices and applications. For this reason, we invite manufacturers, service providers, accessibility experts, users and the general public to collaborate with our project in some of the following ways:

  • Device loan for accessibility compliance tests
  • Technical articles on mobile technology development,
  • UX studies and usability, among others to post on our Blog
  • Improving and updating our methodology for analysis
  • Information on mobile technology innovation
  • News on accessible mobile technology and apps to post in our News section
  • Translating articles into any Spain or Europe’s official language (Catalan, Basque, Galician, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, etc.)
  • Participation in Amovil’s awareness and/or educational initiatives (workshops, conferences, etc.)
  • Opinions and testimonies on the experience of using accessible mobile devices or apps
  • Ideas for collaboration or site improvement, among other suggestions

Amóvil’s collaborators


Service providers


  • Jonathan Chacón Barbero, developer, accessibility expert and author of blog Programar a ciegas (content in Spanish)
  • Alejandro Rodríguez Ascaso

Experts from ILUNION Tecnología y Accessibilidad also contribute with content development and site maintenance.

A list of collaboration guidelines is available for review.